expertiseExtensive Technical Knowledge and Experience

First and foremost, our firm has extensive technical knowledge and experience in numerous areas of land development, new construction and remodeling. Our expertise and capabilities include projects within the commercial, industrial, public/municipalities and residential sectors. We offer a complete range of professional design services that can assist the Real Estate Agent/Broker.

combined servicesCombined Services = Cost Effectiveness

Most projects require a combination of design and engineering services such as Civil EngineeringLand SurveyingStructural Design and Land Use Planning. Each of these can have a significant impact on the project. Not accounting for one or more of these services can result in wasted time and unnecessary re-design fees. A value that we provide to Real Estate Agents/Brokers is our knowledge in a large range of professional services. Our ability to provide combined services is both convenient and cost effective. We have the capability to increase design speed and efficiency by providing a “cross-trained” staff.  Cross-training allows our employees to combine civil engineering, land surveying, structural design and land use issues into one project. The Real Estate Agent/Broker does not need to pay for multiple consultants, thereby reducing overall design costs.

site accessibilityReports

A key service that we can provide to Real Estate Agent/Brokers is the preparation of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Structural Observation Reports for many different types of facilities. Our 20+ years of experience in providing professional design services to Real Estate Agent/Brokers has shown us that the identification of issues and proposed solutions during the “due diligence” period is crucial to closing real estate deals!  Knowing as soon as possible what the potential issues might be/are, and what the solutions and costs will be, will allow the Real Estate Agent/Broker time to provide a strategy that will solve their project's problem(s).


budget reportsLand Surveying - Creating Additional Value

Various types of Land Surveying issues often arise as part of a real estate transaction. Property line disputes, easement locations, topographic issues and subdivisions will require Land Surveying services. Our Land Surveying Department can provide complete services to resolve all of these issues.  Land Subdivision is an area where we can particularly assist Real Estate Agent/Brokers. G&M's 8-Phase Land Subdivision Process will guide you through the required phases. With this information, the RE Agent/Broker has knowledge in which to create value for their Clients.


design buildDesign/Structural Services

Another of the many benefits that we can offer to Real Estate Agent/Brokers is the ability to provide complete design/engineering services needed to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. There is no need to hire another design professional to resolve the problem; we can take care of it for you in one CONVENIENT location.  Please contact us if you are interested in talking to us about your design/engineering needs.