expertiseExtensive Technical Knowledge and Experience

First and foremost, we have extensive technical knowledge and experience in resolving design and engineering-related issues associated with residential facilities. Our expertise and capabilities range from simple remodeling projects to complex, multi-story, custom homes and apartments. We offer a complete range of professional design services that can assist the Homeowner.

combined servicesCombined Services = Cost Effectiveness

Most projects require a combination of design and engineering services such as Civil EngineeringLand SurveyingStructural Design and Land Use Planning. Each of these can have a significant impact on the project. Not accounting for one or more of these services can result in wasted time and unnecessary re-design fees.

One of the greatest values that we provide to Homeowners is our expertise in a large range of professional services. Our ability to provide combined services is both convenient and cost effective. As a consequence, we are able to increase design speed and efficiency by providing a “cross-trained” staff; thereby allowing our employees to combine Civil EngineeringLand SurveyingStructural Design and Land Use issues in one meeting. The Homeowner does not need to pay for multiple consultants! This greatly reduces the overall design costs.

site accessibilityUnderstanding the Approval Process

Homeowners who want to remodel, expand their home or build a new custom home, may be required to go through a Design and Development Process, which may also include a Land Use (Entitlement) Approval Process.  If you are not familiar with the process, it can be overwhelming. We are very familiar with these procedures.  The steps required are shown in the flowcharts that we have created for your convenience.  Please contact us if you are interested in expanding your existing home or in the market for a new home.  We are here to help you with your planned project.


budget reportsPreparing Your Preliminary Design and Construction Budget

One of the most important pieces of information required by a Homeowner and their General Contractor is the anticipated project cost. Our 20+ years of experience has revealed that the development of an accurate construction budget is absolutely crucial in determining the financial feasibility of a project.

We understand that the budget needs to be prepared in a format, and within a time frame, that matches the Homeowner and their General Contractor's needs. We are prepared to accommodate your project's unique requirements. We are also able to prepare a preliminary budget with minimal design documentation; that is, we do not prepare elaborate and expensive drawings just to prepare a budget!

Because our firm is able to provide multiple design services, we incorporate various types of construction work (interior, exterior, structural, land surveying, civil engineering, etc.) into your budget. The benefit to the Homeowner and the General Contractor is that the budget that we prepare for your project covers many of the items required to complete your project from the very beginning.  

Accuracy, speed and minimal costs are the foundation upon which our budget system operates.  Click here to learn more about our Budget Report.


design build"Design-Build” Team – A Creative Way to Save Money

There is a method of design and construction delivery known as “Design-Build” whereby the "team" works under a single contract with the project owner. The Design-Build Team includes the following professionals as/if required for your specific project: an architect/design professional, homeowner/developer, General Contractor, Civil, Structural, mechanical, electrical engineers, etc.

This method is commonly used for larger commercial, industrial and public works types of projects. However, the benefits of this method are significant and also apply to residential projects!

We have experience in working on design-build projects and can bring our expertise to your project. Click here to learn more about the Design-Build Team delivery method.