expertiseExtensive Technical Knowledge and Experience

First and foremost, Our firm has extensive technical knowledge and experience in numerous areas of land development, new construction and remodeling. Our knowledge and capabilities include projects within the commercial, industrial, public/municipalities and residential sectors.

combined servicesCombined Services = Cost Effectiveness

Most projects require a combination of design and engineering services such as Civil EngineeringLand SurveyingStructural Design and Land Use Planning. Each of these can have a significant impact on the project. Not accounting for one or more of these services can result in wasted time and unnecessary re-design fees.

One of the greatest values that we provide to Community/Facility Managers is our experience in a large range of professional services. Our ability to provide combined services is both convenient and cost effective. Our firm has the capability to increase design speed and efficiency by providing a “cross-trained” staff, which allows our employees to combine Civil EngineeringLand SurveyingStructural Design and Land Use issues in one meeting. You do not need to pay for multiple consultants, greatly reducing the overall design costs while saving you money.

site accessibilitySite Accessibility Designs

Site Accessibility issues are necessary, but complicated! If there is one item that seems to cause more confusion, frustration and unnecessary expense to a Community/Facility Manager, it is that of site accessibility. There are two common causes of confusion and frustration:

When am I done

A common frustration that an owner of Community/Facility Manager often faces is the inability to categorically know when their facility is fully compliant with all accessibility codes and regulations. With very limited exceptions, the simple answer is "you can't!"  Because of the fluidity of the State and Federal laws, you can never be assured that your facility is "fully compliant."  Community/Facility Managers are often forced to reconstruct items thought to be compliant due to either changes in the laws/codes, or different interpretations of the same laws/codes by different governing individuals.

Lack of Drawings

In the area of accessibility, lack of proper documentation is a major cause of project delays and unnecessary expenses.  We have developed an extensive system for design and documentation of accessibility issues to help minimize the risk of "non-compliance," reduce confusion, frustration and eliminate unnecessary design fees.  There are many other causes of frustration to Community/Facility Managers regarding accessibility issues. Because of the complexity of this subject, we have created a separate Site Accessibility document that more fully addresses this topic.


budget reportsBudget Report

Our Budget Report will assist Community/Facility Managers in the development of design/construction budgets for various types of site development work. We can provide budgets for several design options quickly and efficiently. This allows the Community/Facility Manager to select the most cost-effective design alternative for their Client.

document controlDocument Control Systems

We have developed a simple Document Control System for project documents. The program allows easy access to electronically-formatted documents which greatly simplifies future remodeling and facility management efforts. 
The Community/Facility Manager can use our documentation system to provide additional value to their Clients, or we can adapt our system to meet the Community/Facility Manager’s document/archiving control needs. Either way, this is a great value added service for both the Community/Facility Manager and the property owner.

storm water controlStorm Water Control Issues

Storm water control issues are now a major component of all site designs. We combine our extensive technical storm water control expertise with our Budget Report. This combination of services allows critical site budget information to be developed during the preliminary design phase of a project. This is a service that is normally provided by a Construction Manager or a General Contractor. However, we can provide this service as part of our core responsibilities further reducing costs, while increasing the cost effectiveness of the design and minimizing the size of the design team.

design buildPavement Repair Program

A common recurring expense in most facilities is the repairs to existing parking lots. By itself, there is no real “secret” about budgeting for and maintaining parking lots. However, there are two special items that can create significant headaches and additional costs if a Community/Facility Manager is unaware of them!

                    1. Disabled Accessibility.  Parking lots contain many critical site accessibility features such as parking spaces, signage, ramps, etc.  Depending upon the extent of the pavement repairs, many municipalities may require site accessibility upgrades to be included in the scope of work!  This can cause significant delays and expenses to a project if this fact comes as a surprise.

                    2. Storm Water Treatment and Controls.  These requirements are fairly new to Community/Facility Managers.  They deal with the need to treat (clean) and meter (control) the quality and flow of water off of a site.  Pavement repairs in excess of 5,000 square feet could trigger the need to install treatment and flow metering devices as part of the pavement repair plan.  The costs and delays associated with this item can be very high. 

We have developed a Pavement Repair program especially for Community/Facility Managers.  The program includes providing research needed to determine if the accessibility or storm water treatment are required.  If so, our Civil Engineering team is able to develop preliminary solution(s) and incorporate them directly into the Pavement Repair estimate.  We also use our Budget Report program to provide preliminary estimates of cost for the work.

Our strategy and focus is to eliminate unpleasant surprises and provide multiple Pavement Repair options for Community/Facility Managers.

Contact us if you would like a consultation meeting to discuss how we can assist you in streamlining your site, budget, document control or pavement requirements.