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Commercial Design and Development = Research • Research • Research! + Preparation of Initial Budget

commercial design and development“Inadequate or incorrect research is probably the single most common cause of frustration, unnecessary design fees and time delays associated with commercial development!”

The goal of providing research as the first step is not to develop a fancy report; instead, it is to offer information that can be used in the preparation of the initial budget. Research – followed by preparing an initial budget – are the two tasks that go hand-in-hand. From a practical standpoint, Developers and Facility Managers require a budget in order to determine the economic viability of their projects.

The first step in the research process is to collect all available data. We will meet with a Developer or a Facility Manager to review existing documentation and discuss the initial goals for the project.  Before we can perform any design work on a project, research must be performed to identify the specific development requirements. Many municipalities throughout the state have similar approval processes; however, the specific development requirements can change substantially from one City/County to the next. This is why it is vitally important that we research the specific development requirements for each particular project.

When our staff performs research for a project, we contact some or all of the following departments/agencies, depending upon the size, complexity and location of the project:  Planning/Zoning Department. Fire Department, Building Department, Public Works Department, Building Department, and other Agencies and Departments as/if required.

Initial Budget
When all of the required research is complete, the initial budget is then preparate.  We have created a Budget Report that will assist you in the preparation of your initial budget.  Contact us to help you prepare your initial budget.

Knowledge is Power
Budgeting: Hugely Important and Often Overlooked!