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site-accessibility-picSite Accessibility issues are often a major cause of headaches and unanticipated expenses for Property Owners, Developers and Community/Facility Managers. Even though Accessibility requirements have been around for years, they still create a huge liability potential if they are not adequately dealt with. This is especially true for older commercial buildings.

State and Federal beauracracy makes the accessibility design and approval process complicated and there is no way around this fact. However, by proactively addressing site accessibility issues, you have many options to deal with them in a strategic and cost effective manner.

If you have questions regarding Site Accessibility for your project, please contact us to schedule a free appointment to discuss your accessibility issues, and more importantly, provide you with solutions to some of the more common site accessibility problems!

Site Accessibility Handbook

This handbook provides an overview of common problems, pitfalls and, more importantly, SOLUTIONS relating to commercial accessibility. It has been written with California general contractors, property owners and facility managers in mind!

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