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PropertyWhich record is required for my property?

If you would like a land surveyor to locate your property lines/corners, the land surveyor must submit one of the following documents to the County Surveyor’s office for review and approval.

Corner Record
Requires a simple drawing showing the property lines that were located. If possible, this is the type of map that you will want to have filed as the cost is relatively inexpensive.

A Corner Record can only be used if your property corners have already been defined on an existing recorded Record of Survey Map, a Parcel Map or a Tract Map. If not, you will be required to file a Record of Survey.

Record of Survey Map
Often requires extensive research and the preparation of a detailed map; therefore, the cost to produce it can be expensive.

If your property corners have not been defined on an existing recorded Record of Survey Map, a Parcel Map or a Tract Map, then a Record of Survey Map is required.


In 1972, the Professional Land Surveyors’ Act (the “Act”) was passed. The Act mandates that all boundary lines/corners must be formally recorded in the County Surveyor’s office by a licensed land surveyor or a licensed civil engineer that was licensed prior to January 1, 1982, with a license number before 33966.

In California, prior to 1972, land was allowed to be subdivided and property boundary lines/corners made without being recorded within their municipality’s County Surveyor’s office. Therefore, following the passing of this Act, if your property boundary has not been recorded, you are now required to submit either a Corner Record or a Record of Survey to locate your boundary lines/corners.

Note: For more information about The Professional Land Surveyors’ Act, refer to paragraphs 8762, 8772 and 8773 located online at

How do I find out if my boundary lines/corners have already been recorded?

  • Contact Greenwood & Moore — Our knowledgeable surveying department personnel provide this research as part of our services.
  • Contact your local County Surveyor’s Office. They will help you research.

What documents officially record boundary lines/corners?

There are four documents that officially record boundary lines/corners:

Note: An Assessor’s Map does not qualify as an official record of a boundary.