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As design professionals, we have the opportunity to work on numerous types of existing facilities and have observed that the majority of existing properties have little or no facility documentation readily available for review. If documentation is available, it is almost always located in “boxes of drawings” in the back room, and not in any type of electronic format (PDF, CAD, etc.). The design and engineering communities now produce drawings almost exclusively in an electronic format.  

Available and Accurate Documentation Can Save Time, Money and Project Delays

Easy access to drawings is a great way to save TIME and MONEY in all sorts of ways.  Design professionals require accurate information on existing facilities. If the information is not readily available, expensive and time consuming research will be required to obtain the essential information. In the area of Site Accessibility, lack of proper documentation is a major cause of project delays and unanticipated expenses. 

Property Managers Need Documentation to Maintain Facilities

Community/Facility Managers need access to their facility's documentation in order to deal with ongoing maintenance, lease negotiations and other common activities.

We Can Make Your Documents Readily Available

Our firm has developed a SIMPLE program to assist in developing an archive and maintenance system for existing documents.  This program allows EASY ACCESS to electronically-formatted documents which greatly simplifies future remodeling and facility management efforts.  It also make it much easier and faster for an Owner or Facility Manager to find and share critical facility information with staff, maintenance personnel, consultants and tenants.

The cost savings captured from eliminating wasted employee time searching for important documents can pay for the implementation of the system!

Our system is very FLEXIBLE and COST-EFFECTIVE. Owner’s or Community Facility Managers have the option to implement a full document control system all at once, or spread it out over time. Once the basic system is in place, you can archive documents at a pace to meet your staffing and budget constraints.  Contact us if you are interested in updating your documentation system.  You, too, can:


Go From This:

  To This:

Scanned Documents on File-After

Easy Document Access = Cost Savings!