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Commercial property owners or Community/Facility Managers are required to go through a “Design and Development Process” by their local municipality. If you are not familiar with this process, it can be a bit overwhelming and frustrating. The process is illustrated in our Design and Development Process Flowchart (commercial and residential), and our Land Use (Entitlement) Approval Process Flowchart.  These flowcharts are a graphical overview of the steps youmay need to consider.

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Commercial Design & Development Process Handbook

If you are considering a new commercial construction project, tenant improvement or expansion, you will need to go through a “Design and Development Process”. If you are not familiar with this procedure, it can be a bit overwhelming! Even for what appears to be a simple project, the Design and Development Process can be very complicated.

This handbook provides a comprehensive description of the process, pitfalls and, more importantly, SOLUTIONS to common commercial development issues in California.

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